Manager of HR Admin C&B


Manager of HR Admin C&B


Full time

Reports to:

Main responsibilities:

  • HR administration, accounting and reporting, as well as the introduction and maintenance of automated accounting systems
  • Motivation, bonuses, calculation of salaries and bonuses; Rationing of labor, determining the number of personnel, the formation of work schedules
  • Evaluation, grading, research, reviews
  • Development and maintenance of a system for accounting for wages, salary changes, bonus programs
  • Writing compensation policies and procedures
  • The study and diagnosis of salary and incentive systems, salary policies in the industry of the company in conjunction with the individual achievements of the employee, the requirements of the labor market
  • Providing the necessary expertise in determining the level and scheme of remuneration and incentives for new employees, possibly new positions and positions
  • Development and implementation of programs for non-financial employee rewards

Main requirements:

  • Higher education (in the field of finance, economics, accounting)
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of economics, financial management and accounting, labor legislation, regulatory and legislative acts in the field of labor organization, payment and personnel management
  • System knowledge in the field of compensation and benefits
  • Possession of instruments of material and non-material motivation
  • Knowledge of the methods of economic analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Confident user of IT (MS Word, MS Excel, 1C, PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge of methods of production accounting and calculation of working time
  • Experience in analyzing salary market research
  • Experience in developing pay systems and motivation systems
  • Experience in calculating the norms of time, number, production, analysis of wages and calculating the planned wage fund.


  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Organizing and planning skills
  • Quality orientation
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Stress coping skills
  • Multitasking skills


  • Russian – fluent
  • Uzbek – good
  • English – good

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