Labor and health safety engineer


Labor and health safety engineer



Reports to:

Head of Security

Main responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of local normative documents to improve and to protect labor, to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases
  • Organization of training on labor protection and safety
  • Participation in the work of commission for checking requirements of labor protection and safety
  • Organization of attestation and certification of workplaces for compliance with labor protection and safety requirements, monitoring the condition of equipment, machines and mechanisms
  • Conducting workflow on labor protection and safety
  • Interaction with state supervision and control authority
  • Organization of the work of commission for the accidents
  • Consulting bank employees on labor protection and safety

Main requirements:

  • Higher education
  • Work experience - from 3 years
  • Existence of a profile certificate (validity period - 2 years)
  • Knowledge of the regulatory and legal framework for labor protection, labor safety standards system
  • Experience in conducting trainings, and certification of workplaces
  • Experience in creating a health and safety service from scratch


  • Sense of responsibility
  • Detail oriented
  • Multitasking
  • Stress resistance


  • Russian – fluent
  • Uzbek – preferably

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