Head of Security


Head of Security


Full time

Reports to:

Main responsibilities:

  • Development, implement, and maintain security processes and policies
  • Conduct research and implement security management solutions
  • Check the company's employees for the accuracy of the information provided (analysis of employment and documents, involvement in crime, etc.)
  • Form and maintenance of a database, computer processing for company employees
  • Monitor personnel performance in accordance with company security policy
  • Carrying out official checks, investigations, audits when violations are detected
  • Interaction with law enforcement and regulatory authorities
  • Ensuring the economic, information, internal security of the company and preventing possible damage to the image of the organization
  • Development and control of information security documentation execution in accordance with security requirements
  • Carrying out a set of measures to eliminate theft at the enterprise
  • Organization of video surveillance on the territory of the enterprise, as well as detection and elimination of simple technical faults in security and fire alarm systems, control and observation devices, lighting and communication.
  • Ensure strict control and control of preventive, repair and other works, as well as monitoring compliance by employees, clients, partners and visitors
  • Together with employees of the Internal Control Department, identify clients and carry out appropriate preventive actions when clients carry out doubtful transactions on a systematic basis.
  • Responsible for selecting, training and overseeing new staff to be part of the Department of Safety and Security
  • Verification and evaluation of loyalty of employees of the protected facility
  • In case of direct attack on the protected object for the purpose of plunder, thefts of material and other values, direct threat of life and to health of the security guard, other workers, illegal acts against security personnel, apply measures of necessary defense according to the current legislation.
  • Know and comply the requirements of regulations on labor and environment protection, observe the rules, methods and techniques for safe work performance.

Main requirements:

  • Higher education 
  • Successful experience in a similar position from 5 years 
  • Knowledge of principles in organization of protection objects of enterprise
  • Знание принципов организации охраны объектов предприятия
  • Computer literacy (MS Office suite) 
  • Excellent research and analysis skills
  • Knowledge of tactics concerned with protection of objects from criminal encroachments
  • Rules and regulations for occupational health, safety and fire protection
  • Excellent physical fitness


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Team working and delegation skills
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Supervisory skills
  • Investigation skills


  • Russian - fluent 
  • English – good 
  • Uzbek – fluent  

Please, send your CV via email: job@tbcbank.uz