Agile Coach


Agile Coach


Full time

Reports to:


Main responsibilities:

  • Trains Team Members in agile concepts/processes
  • Launches the Team, sets up result delivery processes
  • Works on continuous development and improvement of methods (together with other Agile Coaches) and incorporates them into day-to-day work of the Teams
  • Develops procedures for sharing knowledge and expertise within the company
  • Ensures the organizations does not fall back to old ways of working by staying focused on improvement
  • Supports in settings up and conducting ceremonies on Team level (prepares plans, proposals, backlogs by aggregating and analyzing information from Squad Leads, demos and retros)
  • Sets up and facilitates company ceremonies
  • Supports coordination and synchronization between Teams where needed
  • Removes impediments (e.g. cultural barriers, logistic challenges)
  • Keeps an objective perspective on issues and troubleshoots by applying agile principles
  • Shields the team from external interference and ensures the team is fully functional and productive
  • Supports Chapter Leads in driving capability building within Chapter, and drives development of selected capability building programs
  • Promotes self-organization and team spirit inside the Team and Company, promotes continuous improvement, pushes for the right, not the easy solution
  • Identifies issues and successes of Teams
  • Assess Team Members and communicate individual improvement opportunities, gives 1:1 feedback to Team Members at the end of each sprint
  • Provides Agile Coaching to company Leads, Product Owners and Team Members

Main requirements:

  • Working experience in the projects related Agile
  • Having programming experience
  • Showing proficiency in relevant programming languages
  • Demonstrating strong knowledge of and background with Agile concepts
  • Possessing prior experience coaching teams in Agile adoption or as a Scrum Master
  • Having some background or coursework in Computer Science


  • Analytical, logical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Training Skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Organizing and planning skills
  • High motivation


  • Russian - fluent
  • English – good

Please, send your CV via email: