Payroll/ Material accountant


Full time

Reports to:

Main responsibilities:

  • Correctly and timely process accounting primary documents for payroll.
  • Carry out a range of work on the calculation of wages, equivalent payments. Know the accounting of other expenses for employees, as well as property income of employees.
  • Monitor the timely repayment of debts attributable to employees in terms of wages and by writ of execution and other obligations.
  • Correctly and timely accrue, withhold and pay taxes and mandatory contributions for payroll.
  • Keep records of fixed assets and inventory.
  • Know the procedure for recording valuables, their accounting, in terms of accounting for fixed assets - the requirements for initial recognition, including those purchased for foreign currency, depreciation, revaluation rules, revaluation accounting, rules and accounting for the transfer of fixed assets into operation, their disposal and write-off.
  • Сonduct the inventory process.
  • Record the movement of inventory, registration of their arrival, transfer to operation and write-off.
  • Maintaining the necessary documentation and reporting in these areas.
  • Maintenance of the net Bank;
  • Management and statistical reporting;
  • Reporting to the Central Bank.

Main requirements:

  • Higher education in finance or economics (currently incomplete higher education)
  • Knowledge of Tax and Labor legislation, the procedure for calculating wages, vacation pay, allowances and other accruals to employees of the company, regulations of the Central Bank on the management of fixed assets and inventory.
  • Preferably-accounting skills in accordance with IFRS in this area.
  • Experience as an accountant: at least 3-5 years
  • Experience in banking will be preferred.


  • Responsible, attentive
  • Accurate, diligent, flexible
  • Care and accuracy
  • Proficiency in working in the Bank's ABS
  • Knowledge of the IABS program is an advantage


  • Uzbek-fluent
  • Russian – fluent
  • English – good

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